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Just this April fool month....many events happened....aside from the excruciating Summer break,here comes the lenten season,vacation for the beach bums and of course the controversial The Philippine Blog Awards.
This award was comprised of great bloggers and blogging critics in the country.Certainly they browsed and keep on browsing searching for good Filipino bloggers.
Deserving winners was extremely good and prolific writers...believe me.I am simply or was simply impressed of their entries aside from the content wise but the design as well.I hate to be sounded like hypocrite but I also dream of that somehow my blog would get those organizers...
Well,its just a dream of a humble poor blogger's like me..who wouldn't like to be noticed and name best blogger?
Would like to extend my congratulations to the nominated bloggers whom I frequently love to see and read their blogs such as: Ferdz , My Tukayo: Eric,and to the winners as well like; Bryanboy
People, you got to see their blogs and I swear to high'll love to view the moment you visit their blogs and surely you'll learn something from them.
If you want to see those winners simply click this The Philippine Blog Awards 2007
You can eventually got some tips how to improve your blogs and be part of the PBA..not the basketball thing, huh!
Got this pics of the PBA......enjoy and have fun this Summer heat vacation:

Design by Liz

Foto courtesy of Kuya Chris Haravata

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