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It's been awhile that I didn't post anything down here....honestly, I am busy and don't have time to sit nor gaze upon the starry night.
Just lately, while I was having my afternoon siesta....there was this book that seriously caught my's about spiritual thing.
I got this very heartwarming poem or story that truly touches me...And I thought of posting it here,because it describes a lot if you will try to contemplate and savor the message of this story.
Sometimes we tend to complain that we're nothing....futile and vain...If we'll try to look around us,eveything is beauty though polluted by sins and man's irrisposibility, yet,the beauty of it still proclaim God's love for us.
The Bible tells us that we are special..He created us according to His likeness, above the animals..a bit lower than the holy angels in heaven.
Do I sounds like preaching here? well, just read and pause for awhile.Think,why you are here? Why He created you....or the best tool read your Bible..or if that keeps your confusing..I suggest, read the Purpose Driven Life
Here it is,hope you'll learn from this short shorts.

Two people watched the same sunset.
One said: " At times like this I am afraid.
The sky is so vast, the sea so immense.
In comparison, I'm a speck of dust,
here today, done tomorrow.
When I look at the hugeness of creation,
I feel my significance and I wonder what my life is all about.

The second person said:
"What a glorious sunset!
Just think!
I am the reason that this exists.
I am the only proof I have
Of all the beauty in this world.
Without the gift of my life,
the gift of my senses,
All this would be as nothing-
I praise God that the universe is held
in the wonder of my being

fotos courtesy of: Arlyn

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