By Eric - 7:39 PM

I don't celebrate nor believe on church had clearly explained the doctrinal views that this kind of celebration or let say belief is not Biblically based but a custom being practice by most of the inhabitants in this world.The Holy Scripture evidently tells us that one way of cleansing and repenting our sins is not by way of following the pagans do which hurting ourselves physically but the holistic preaching of Christ.
Those who observe it are not mainly to be knowledgeable about the holy writings unless their church would proclaim reverently what exactly the Bible has to say.The Bible clearly says " Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit:, yet, some have seriously injured themselves by beating thru the traditional wiper.Well, that is their convictions or customary just as what the Spaniards had introduced to us that fallaciously swayed most of the Filipinos.
So much for that, I went home this lenten in Olongapo to spend a much needed vacation with my kins.There is no great substitute on a relish holiday period with your common proginator.That is true, which you can laugh and do all things with gusto.Everytime I get the chance to go home, childhood recollections mellifluously brings back the motion pictures of the yesteryears.Oftentimes, my feet induce me to places I used to hang-out to.I simply called them landmarks of memories.
It is nice to look back the trails that you had just left during your childhood days...refreshing back is most likely what we usually do to satisfy our missingness back then.
I can't truly understand why we have this kind of emotions of flashing back the haapy bygone specially during solitude moment.....
Well,I guess these are the usual feelings of a man trying to tract back of his/her childhood good is also a worth sharing to your children and grandchild if ever times permit.

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