Faces of Life

By Eric - 3:20 AM

They said, sometimes one picture can be worth a thousand words or textbooks. And by seeing the face of a person, things can be read without the mouth explaineth.
In my travels, I have had encounter so many people both on road travels & by planes. Staying in a metropolis with a crowded people cannot be barely avoided but meeting different types of people from different walks of life.
What made me so like and appreciated the more about the faces of the people are those who are living in the countryside both locals and abroad.
Their innocence and kindness are very apparent and amazing. The uniqueness & expression of their faces is mesmerizing and appealing too.
It's amazing how their faces give you insight about how life treats them and their happiness in life. Let me share some pictures of different faces that I have encountered in this world.

Devin from Canada

Kevin from Germany

Patrick from Sweden

My pupil - Polly (half French - Polish )

Two Piotreks

David (half British-Polish)

Hector (half French - Polish)

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