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By Eric - 1:22 AM

I love travelling, and pictures would always serve as tangible memories to prove especially when travel memories are slowly erased and oblivion by time. When I get bored, I browse my albums where I saved all my pictures and tries to rekindle the happiness I got from travelling.

This awestruck me for the first time, seeing Thai people worshiping an elephant. My stay in Thailand opened a good door for me travelling the nearby countries.

These are the first photos that I took when I first set foot in Thailand. Eventually, Thailand was the first country abroad I had been to. Truly the pictures aren't that clear because I was using HP digital compact cam, nonetheless, it remains vivid and memorable.

Of course, my travel in Thailand wasn't only for pleasure but to work as well, herewith were my High School students on their traditional costumes.

Was on the rooftop of the tower while taking a pic of this beautiful garden connected to the main street in Vientianne - Laos

The second country that I went to, was Laos. It's not as economically rich comparing to Thailand but the country is beautiful. Behind me is 

I took this picture early morning while I was wandering around the city of Singapore. Just wishing that Philippines could be as disciplinary as the Singaporeans.

The famous landmark of Singapore, the Merlion with a floating Styrofoam in the front. A day backpacking trip wasn't enough but then, it was worth the visit.

Of course, my trip to Poland was a immeasurable because it gave me the chance to peep out the other side of Europe. When I say Europe, they are rich in history, the buildings would always astound me and its romanticism.

Traditional dance from Romania was so exotic as it was my first to see European displayed of different countries presentation around Europe.

Dancers from Turkey. It was in Poland did I learn that western part of Turkey is Europe and the east is Asia. I met a lot of Turkish in Poland & even encountered a Jesus look alike guy, that encountered led us into friends.

Batu Cave Malaysia. That giant image at my back reminds of the image being mentioned in the Bible..

Of course, I didn't let the moment to pass without taking a shot with the tallest twin tower in the world - Petronas Tower.

This is called the "Little India" in Kuala Lumpur. Lots of Indian stores, resto and other. The place was cleaned and partly attractive.

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