Many Faces of Life

By Eric - 12:55 AM

Today, we can easily recognize pain and happiness by just looking at people's faces. There are individuals who aren't so vocal and outspoken of their agonies, but it is the face that speaks it all whether you agree or not.
In my case, I am very frank and honest of voicing out my innermost feelings especially on the case of adversary. Nor, pausing myself to speak out my ill feelings towards to my Creator, because that's how the way I release my gloomy emotions. Things aren't really looking good since I came back (from) overseas. Just as the tide went on the other shore the more I got annoyed and irritates.
Well, I guess the faces of life aren't naturally one sided. I remember when I was in Europe, experiencing the four seasons was an eye opener seeing the life changes as we continue living in this ghastly planet.
As a neophyte, I didn't know that each season has its own face to show that affects life's mood. It reminds me that in life's journey, we would experience many different face changes.
Each season would bring us into the place of different struggles in life. For now, I am trying to look back the different faces of my life's experiences.

As a Child: As a little boy rose in the 70's and 80's, my vision in life back then was different. Having raised in a two religions (Catholic & SDA) and raised into a different places (Siquijor & Olongapo) was a bit of confusion, yet, fun at times. However, that gave me a clearer picture of two different faces. One was, life in the boondocks was so simple and far from the corruptions of the technologies and issues in the Metropolis. While in Olongapo, the pace of life then was so fast and advance and you could see the reality of life as good and evil. Money was so quick and easy. I'm thankful that I wasn't deprived materially.

Teenager:  The face of my teenager's life or High School Life brought me into a journey that involved both merriment and dreaming. While enjoying my teeny bopper's life in Olongapo city, was also the birth of my dreaming going abroad. When I was a kid, dreaming of going somewhere was just merely caused of the effect of seeing nice pictures & watching American movies. I had this strong inkling in life that I'd join the US Navy or work in Subic Naval Base so that I could see the US soil & settle there for good. The usual enjoyment of a teen ager in my time was more on mimicking the celebrities and partying..that's life in Olongapo, and that's a High School life.

The 20's: As I entered into my 20's, that's when I began to worry which path would I have to take. Studying in the College of Fisheries was not a plan nor intention to be taken so seriously since it wasn't my dream as well, but life brought me there as a way of viewing the real College Life of a lower middle class student. In my early 20's, that's when I began to work and find my own means to survive without depending my parent’s assistance monetarily. Yet, I was fighting and believing that life wasn't just about working in the factories. That there's more to life out there & you just have to reach it out. 

The 30's: This was the moment that I fully understood the faces of life. This was also the moment that I fully realized that, what I did back in my teenager's life was into darkness & my life was a bit out of control. This was the moment as well that I concentrated more deeply the spiritual side of my life and recognizing my flaws and letting God to control everything. This was the age that I joined the missionary and worked in the vineyard of God in the southernmost part of Mindanao. In this age, where I decided to go back to school and took Secondary Education. Enjoying myself on learning new things and absorbing things about English that I haven't learned in High School.

Today, my 40's:  Today, I have seen many faces. Some aren't pretty good, some are worth to keep about. I might have been committing tons of sins against my Creator, but letting it sure I'm not what I used to be. I did change, life has taught me much. I've been disciplined by the Lord, being whipped by the consequences of the mistakes that I've done. What matters most then is, I still have Him and I am with Him.

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