A Travel Movie that Inspires Me to Travel More

By Eric - 10:13 AM

Have you ever watched a travel movie? well, I did. Movies are great way to inspire us more especially if you are a traveller and the more it motivates you to bring to the unique places around the world.
As a neophyte backapacker of sort, I might have seen movies before about travelling but that didn't ignites me to carry my backpack and travel, as backpack word wasn't born in my vocabulary then. Backpacking really provides all unexpecting adventure which contribute to your unforgettable experiences.
A travel movie that inspires me to carry my backpack and see the world was the "Last Stop for Paul". That movie dropped my jaw that it makes me so emotional about travelling.
As what Paul says:

"Travel it gets inside of you, it touches your soul- the more I saw the world, the more I realize how little I knew, there's so much to learn & experience in life"
Well, see it for yourself so that you'll know, least try backpacking.


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