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By Eric - 1:03 PM

What would it be like to travel the world? That's the usual questions of everyone around who desires to travel but never get enough courage to do so.
Not recently, I posted about a travel movie that inspired me to go and backpack more one day. Today another movie again that is even more convincing to me that I need to go out from my comfort zone and see the entire world no matter what. And that is " A Map for Saturday".
It is a documentary movie of a man name Brook Silva-Braga from New York who quit from his good job and travel around for a year. The name comes from a feeling that Brook says you find, living this kind of lifestyle. He describes it as the feeling that it’s always Saturday – not really a vacation but, still, you don’t have to go back to work tomorrow.
The movie was truly amazing and it moved me, really spiritedly convincing that sitting and be bored on your job without travelling is only a matter of money and time wasting.
This movie reminds me of a certain blogger sisters in the Philippines who decided to quit from their jobs and sold some of their things just to travel around the world for a year. Honestly at first, I was thinking that it's a crazy concept of quitting your job just to travel, better yet when I started my backpacking abroad realizations proved me wrong that backpacking/travelling is a good idea.
When I saw the video it stucked in my mind that I could possibly do it and get the chance when I could to travel.

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