Americans - Taxi Drivers in the Philippines?

By Eric - 3:43 AM

Because I am on a summer vacation right now, checking the internet like Facebooking, watching movies and everything has been my usual hobbies for the meantime. As I tried to check some videos in youtube about the possible videos that would reminds me of Philippines, I stumbled into a recorded video cam in youtube about two Americans experimenting jobs in the Philippines. They were featured in Jessica Soho's program, and that really astonished me to see how these two foreign people in my country doing the Pinoy jobs. So funny to see yet it reminds me that we could possibly survive if try to start on doing the minial jobs in the Philippines.
I might be too late to post this on blog but you see, I am trying to update myself on the latest buzz in the Philippines, it so happened that I was late about this infos.

At Jessica Soho's Report:,%20JESSICA%20SOHO%20-%20SEPT.%2004,%202010%20PART%201/7

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