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I haven't updated my blog for weeks because we had just moved out to a new house just as we needed a big space and a room for me and for the new teacher. We used to stay in a nice warm flat but its too small for us 4 teachers so we needed a bigger place to live. In other words, we had disconnected for more than two weeks. To bring my blog up to date so as my Twitter & Facebook were moved aside for the mean time.
However, I tried to sneak-out using school's internet to check my FB which is eventually a big No-No during classes time.
My staying here in Poland is a joyous one, if I'd exclaim it literally. Who wouldn't be happy working and traveling Europe at the same time?
Since I am just 30 minutes away from the capital city, attacking the city and exploring around would be easier for me. Down are the pictures that I had in the center of Warsaw, and partly in the famous Old City a most visited area.
I won't talk more and more doing the blah blah or giving infos just as I am new to the place but will surely post it here in the near future.
For the time being just feast your eyes of the pictures that I have...

Behind me is the tallest and biggest building in Poland, the Palace of Culture and Science.

with fellow Couch Surfing members from Poland.

My fave.resto in Warsaw, Vietnamese restaurant, affordable and of course its Asian.

A trendy street in Warsaw.

One of the narrowest streets in Warsaw.

The famouse Old Town Square, listed in UNESCO World Heritage.

So narrow.

Copernicus the father of the modern Astronomy.

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