By Eric - 11:10 AM

My Asian adventure had just over. I truly miss Thailand and the friends I made there but I need to move out and find a better place that God has prepared for me. Thailand was a nice starting point of my Asian trip so as learning more the Asian culture.
I left Thailand 12th of January and started my flight through Ukrainian airlines that delayed 3 hours from the expected time.
We arrived in Ukraine (Kiev - the capital city) 4 pm which was already dark and breezely cold. So, the flight that I supposed to take from Ukraine was already in Poland so the airline booked me another ticket through Hungarian airline that I needed to have another transit via Budapest. I boarded Ukrainian airline which majority of the passengers were Ukrainians. There were 5 of us Asians at least.
When I arrived in Kiev-Ukraine, an old Ukrainian lady that I met in the airport assisted me where to go and what to do about upon arriving in the airport.
Upon waiting to my next flight going to Budapest-Hungary, people in the airport kept on staring at me, with so much wondering and questions in their eyes who I was and where I came from and why I was totally different from them facially(skin color).
Boarded to Hungarian airlines going to Budapest, still their curiousity looks didn't stop them to stare at me throughout the flight (funny right? thought Pinoy would only do that).
Arriving at Budapest airport on time, we were transported by bus from the airline who fetched us rightly. They have different style of transporting passengers instead of letting the passengers off entering through the airport's passage way connected to the building of the airport, but in Ukraine, Hungary and Poland we need to walk a little in the midst of the airport before getting on the airport bus that'd take us to the boarding area.
In Budapest, they were so strict that we needed to go through a very rigid checking and frisking. While waiting for my last flight, passengers who'd boarding on the same plane that I went to keeps on staring at me. I really felt so exotic and constantly vain of myself for a while thinking that there's something wrong on my face or what. In Poland, nobody waited for me in the airport. They were wondering where I was which they thought that I could be on the flight that was being scheduled. I waited for a while and didn't know what to do. Of course, I prayer and God helped me and was able to contact my boss.
Being in Europe is an answered prayer, I know that it is the beginning of my travel around Europe(with God's permit)same thing that I did in Thailand. I have been praying for this since I was a kid, and now it is already in my hand. I'll be looking forward to a great Euro adventure soon.

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