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Among of the travel blogsites that I read is http://flipnomad.com/about/ of Flipnomad. I learned so many things of his travel specially on budget trip 'coz I am a poor traveller or let say a budget traveller.
He posted his infos that we could use especially to those who travel, backpacks for the first time.
So here's what he wrote about his backpacking and the answers to your possible questions:

"Flipnomad.com is a compilation of my travel experiences around the Philippines and as well as other countries. I’m an ordinary and a typical guy who started traveling when I was a kid, together with my grandma and other relatives around Luzon, Philippines. I then ventured outside of my usual destinations when I reached the age of 25.
When I was younger, I thought it would be impossible for me to travel to far flung places. But as time passed by, I realized that I shouldn’t stop believing in what I could do but instead stay positive and optimistic that I could achieve whatever I put my mind into.

My way of traveling kept on changing, from going to the usual resorts when I was still in school, to going to nearby provinces when I started working. Then I started backpacking which changed my life forever. It opened my eyes to a lot of other cultures. It gave me a chance to meet interesting people that have interesting views in life. It even led me to the wonderful world of blogging.
We’re all travelers regardless of where we go. Traveling starts when we close our eyes and open our minds to all the possibilities in this journey called life. Let go and trust your instincts and don’t forget to have fun.
Smile and everything will just be fine and you’ll be surprise to where your feet will lead you to.

When did you start travelling outside the Philippines?
I started travelling when I was 25 years old. I went to Singapore with my friends and then to Thailand.

Do you often travel alone?
Nope. I’ve only tried it last March – September 2009 when I backpacked for six months and I liked it. It gave me more freedom and flexibility in travelling.

Do you also travel locally?

Of course, I do enjoy going to different places. Actually, the destination is now just an excuse to keep on moving. I do enjoy travelling (going from point A to point B) regardless of where it is.

Why do you like travelling?
I just don’t like it, I love it. Travelling is the only thing in this world that makes me feel alive. It’s also fun!!!

Do I need a lot of money to travel?
There really is no absolute answer for the amount that you’ll be spending on a trip. It really depends on the choices that you’ll make. You could fly out on a promo economy ticket with a low cost carrier or you could fly Business class. You could even stay for free by camping out or staying on local people’s houses or you could pay $1000 room in a very exclusive hotel. The amount that you’ll spend depends on the choices that you’ll make.

Will I die out there?

First, everyone dies anyway right? And there’s a lot more scary things in this world than travelling. But of course there are some risks involve especially if you go to a place that you’re not familiar with or a place where people don’t speak your language. You might get lost every now and then but that’s what makes it fun and memorable. Take necessary precautions and exercise common sense when you travel.

Is it sad to travel alone?
Exactly what I was thinking when I first traveled alone. But based on my experience, I could say that you will never be alone when you travel by yourself. There are thousands of individuals travelling on their own and most frequently than not, these individuals meet each other along the way and sometimes travel together. There are also plenty of locals to hang out with. I’ve travelled with people that I just met on the road, I even shared a room with some of them to save money and a few of them became my friends that I still keep in touch with.

What would be your advice to first time travellers?
If you really want to travel, go out there and have fun (really). Life’s too short to risk it not doing the things that we love. If we couldn’t do it continuously, at least do it once. Let go and lose yourself for a moment. You’ll be surprise on what travelling can do with how you see things and even the way you live your life. Travel with an open mind and an open heart (but at the same time take necessary precautions and exercise common sense, but don’t overdo it). Enjoy! – Flip"

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