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14th of February is my birthday and I am celebrating it now while updating my blog today. This has been my second birthday abroad, the first one was in Thailand and in Europe. As usual, I didn't celebrate it that traditionally just as the other people would do like preparing a lot like a feast. I thought of going to Warsaw with my housemates, shops a little here and there, dine in style as a gift of sort for myself. I bought sweater, two tee shirts. I ordered food in a Japanese resto and feast myself.
When I came home, my friend and I went to a bargain or thrifty stores checking what we could see and buy. As part of my guilty pleasure, I was tempted to buy two winter bonnets, sweater for spring and a winter socks without checking my budget at all. Right after, we went to an Egyptian diner to buy Kebab for lunch. That's how simple my birthday is, I don't indulge much on something that worries me what to prepare and inviting people to come.
I am a kind of person who's lazy to cook a bundles of food, preparing in the kitchen and washing an endless dishes. While checking my FaceBook, I was catching a lot of greetings and wishes from very close to not so close and even to an acquaintances. My fingers were so tired of typing and answering all the chat with friends who just remembered me on my birthday. With that, I am so much filled with joy though I am far from family, and friends, yet, the warm wishes keeps me at home to a cold and far country.
Most of all, I thank God for the countless blessings that I have been receiving each day specially on this special day of my life..thank you so much Lord.






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