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My first ever trip abroad was in Thailand, didn't expect that I could live and stay there for long since it's not my desire to see Thailand not even thinking of myself going there. I'd say that I made the right decision of accepting the job offer given to me, well, I was already so desperately sad then of going out the country because of the uncertain future in the Philippines. That worried me much of my future in the Philippines, that going to Thailand would be a golden gate for me to travel the nearby places around Southeast Asia.
In Thailand, lots of opportunities came and that is the possibilities of my first backpacking trip abroad. The second country that I saw was Laos, its just so near in Thailand and its one of the poorest countries in the southeast of Asia. I got the chance of going around the capital city since it's more accessible. My budget then was enough for two days, I guess staying there for a short trip was truly enough. Was told by another traveler that outside Vientianne is better.
The most exciting and memorable trip I had was in Hongkong, it was summer vacation in Thailand and my head teacher(Thai) invited me to go on a trip with her to Hongkong, honestly why would I refuse? its Hongkong you know. Seeing Hongkong was a dream come true, it's one of my fave countries in the world. Love the energy, the place and everything in there amazes me.
In the midst of my trip in Hongkong, I was told by a New Zealander friend back in Thailand that I could possibly make a side trip to Macau that'd only take 1 hour by ferry boat. That ignited me to find ways on how to get there easily from the hostel that we stayed on.
To be exact, I was in Macau for a day. Never had the chance of going around the city of Macau but it was really great to see the Las Vegas of Asia. Nice hotels and casinos are very common. If I'd have the blessings to travel Hongkong again, Macau wouldn't be forgotten even for a day of trip.
Who would have thought that Malaysia was a part of my trip. Thanks to my Polish boss who supported all my expenses going to Malaysia. Coming to Malaysia was not just merely on travel but on purpose, lawfully purpose that I really needed to be there. I stayed in Kuala Lumpur for 3 weeks and sorry to say this but there's nothing much to see in Kuala Lumpur. I saw a lot of backpackers and even met some of them during a gathering of the Couch Surfing local members. Malaysia isn't included in my fave list places in the world but I appreciated the chance that was given to me, though it's close to Thailand but its honestly expensive traveling around Malaysia, just thinking of the low value of Baht money to Ringgit. However, I was happy when I saw Malaysia. It's cleaner than Philippines and Thailand, more progressive and organized.
The unexpected and unplanned trip I had was going to Singapore. I was in the middle of joy when the bus I boarded was already in the boarder of Singapore. That's when I thought that I was already in the vicinity of the lion city. Though my trip there wasn't that light and abundant of traveling, yet, the experience I had was irreplaceable. I realized how expensive Singapore was the reason I could not stay another day or so.
I thank God, really for the opportunities He gave me to travel the southeast part of Asia and partly in the north. It'd be so hard for an ordinary Filipino citizen to make a step just to get where I am today and the travels I made.
1. Singapore

2. Malaysia

3. Macau

4. Hongkong

5. Laos

6. Thailand

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