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Sorry for not updating for a while. As usual, I'm blogging based on diary style. I just copied them from my Note Book diary.

December 22, 2010
I just arrived in Malaysia safe and sound by train. Was my first ever ride on a train. It was a long trip which isn't stressful comparing to bus. The train provides pillows, blankets and they have sleepers or berth for the passengers to sleep on. On my way to Malaysia, met fellow traveler from USA. He's at his age travelling alone and he's been coming back to Southeast Asia. I learned so many things about his travels which is a helpful one for me.
The weather in Malaysia is a bit cooler because of its frequent rains. Right on my arrivals in Kuala Lumpur, I immediately went to the place of a Malaysian girls who happens to be the friends of my friend too. I was hesitant at first because they were all girls and its my first meeting to these good Samaritans.
Train station in Bangkok.

My ticket going to Butterworth Malaysia.

Inside the train.

Sleepers or berth of the train.

December 23, 2010
Went to Poles embassy and was a bit disappointed. Didn't know that're close by Thursday. I might have forgotten the sked. After knowing the short cut going to the embassy, just realized that I could go around KL by on foot. Reached and found my way to Petronas tower by walking from Polish embassy. It wasn't that far but enough for me to be soaked with so much "pawis". Decided to go back to the apartment of the Malaysian ladies because I was kindda tired of walking around, looking some tourist places to click on.

December 24, 2010
Went back to the embassy again but the man in charge was so strict and sort of conceited. Was praying that it'd be my last day of applying my visa. Left the embassy with my head down filled with anger and desperation. Thought there'd be no problem at all, much to my expectations I failed. That night, the song "He Leadeth Me, medley" and "When Answers Aren't Enough" were the only tools that I used as my medicine to ease the pain I had, it was really soothing hearing those wonderful songs.

December 25, 2010
Christmas day so as Sabbath, but the pain is still there. Had a fellowship with the Malaysians and other nationalities in the church. Joined their community service by visiting those abandoned old folks by their children.

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