By Eric - 11:45 PM

I didn't expect a quick travel to Singapore on New Years eve while staying in Kuala Lumpur for three weeks. Was already set my mind of spending it in a friend's house, however, things changed unexpectedly when my friend refused to answer my calls to confirm if he'll be around by then or he'll be going somewhere else.
I was really annoyed when he didn't get back my calls, instead I decided to go Singapore and thought of spending my New Year there. Because it was a quick plan,thinking of a place and the money that I was going to spend wasn't really in mind so long as I'd see Singapore and to witness how's Singaporean people spend New Year.
I took a bus going to Singapore that took me 5 hours drive which was a bit cheaper. Spent the New Year on the road while on my way there, got held by the immigration for 30 minutes and was interrogated, my cellphone was checked, bags, and wallet, yet I was allowed to enter Singapore. The bus that I boarded left me so I took another one and paid 20 RM. It was already past 2 a.m. when I arrived the city and no idea where to go and where to spend the whole wee hours till the sun rises. Just wandering around till I reached to a train station that was close to a hostel that I searched online with the hope I could make a room reservation(who would dare to let me in?). Realized that Singaporean $ was higher than RM so I had thought of staying for a day and leave Singapore in the afternoon.
Exhausted, hungry, soaked with perspiration, sleepless but despite of that I managed to go around and see those landmarks of Singapore that we usually see in the pictures, magazine or tv.
It was a great trip eventually and that experienced would always be a good reminders for me...when backpacking, plan well, avoid and risking the quick decision.

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