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On our 4th days in Hongkong, I walked alone again without somebody tagging along with me,,I think being alone on the travel is better than in a big group. I love being with my Thai groups but it seems that its more adventurous if you will go roaming around the island without any hassles to the group.
So, searching for a tourist destination in Hongkong, I checked on my tourist map and saw the easisest direction going to Lantau island- where the giant buddha in the world located.
I find my way there in other words, which it took me a few minutes to reach the place coz its another island aside Hongkong central and Kowloon.
The most exciting part that I experienced of my travelling was riding myself in the Sky cable-car.
You see, I have fear of heights and I really hate long and tall area..that scares me to death and weakens my knees.
But since I went to Hongkong for a trip and it only happens once in a blue moon( Hope not) I strongly and bravely challenged myself. Well, I went on a cable car with a couple of fellow foreigners which I travelled alone there.
Although, going to the giant buddha is free and they provided shuttle bus to foreigners..but still I chose the challenging one..and you see it was scary when you are up high and you look down, everything look likes an ant or a speck.
I reached at Lantau island,the place was almost enveloped with fogs but that didn't stop me of touring the area.
Won't talk let the pictures speak for itselves...

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