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Call me a corny-one or what...but I just love posting and sharing my Hongkong pics here...anyway, this is my territory and I can do whatever I wanted to do.
So much for that, I can't easily erase the memories I had in Hongkong. It is honestly an answered prayer.
God has been so good to me....and didn't expect that aside Thailand and Laos, Hongkong was in God's blueprint. Imagine, I went way too far beyond of my expectations.
How wonderful the surprises God was .....anyway, posting of pics on the way.
Kowloon area...

Just an ordinary busy street in Kowloon.

Kowloon park...facing toward Hongkong-Central.

Kowloon- plaza

Dining in style at a Chinese Resto in Hongkong-Central.

Chinese Noodles.... hot and, spicy...

Love this fried red-rice with a minced meat...very Chinese.

Spicy Chiken-wings....feasted it.

That's my food....

Kowloon Park..took it 'coz its so colorful.

Kowloon-park...skyline at the background.

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