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Before I came to do the advance-dreaming of a Hongkong trip, my head-teacher initiated a plan of travelling abroad since our summer vacation here in Thailand was approaching.
When she mentioned that she got a promo-ticket price online Bangkok-Hongkong on a round trip, my excitement flared up of the low price. To my surprise, she approached me if I'd love to come along with her on a trip to HK...of course, I didn't hesitate to give my answer.
However, frustration got on me if my salary for the month of March would be enough for the trip in HK knowing how expensive HK is, plus I need to send some of it to my parents in the Philippines so as a budget for the months of April and May and tithes and offering...how could you divide and budget your money for those I mentioned? Nevertheless, I went there with the group, composed of 2 Pinoys(including myself), my co-Pinoy teacher, and the rest were Thais.
My adrenaline went up(maybe the excitement) which I thought of staying in the airport ahead of time..5 hours before the exact time of our flight (funny, wasnt it). Boarding on a plane for the second time was a bit comforting slapping myself to believe that I'm really travelling headed for Hongkong. Imagine, Hongkong just a small country but you see how famous this country is to every travellers...I think the most visited country in Asia particularly.
So, when the plane landed on the airport, I saw tall buildings out of the window, as in tall buildings that I haven't seen in my country even in Thailand..that's where I was completely pursuaded that HK was on my hand.
Well, I have nothing to say....really. running out of words to express my happiness but just a never ending praises to the Lord for allowing me to visit some other places aside Philippines, Thailand and Laos.
Please do feast your eyes of the pictures that's being posted in here.

With my kind benefactor...got the chance of meeting her in Hongkong on Sabbath Day.

My benefactor lives up there..dunno which one of that buildings..imagine how tall and granduer the place was.

Stanley area, famous for the foreigners.

Meeting my distant relative and a neighbor was unexpected..I haven't seen her since in the 80's.

at Hongkong Central

on the way to my benefactor's place.

just ordinary buidings in HK.

tall buildings were enveloped with fogs.

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