By Eric - 8:40 PM

In this earthly journey, each of us is not blessed with abundance in life. Some were born with a silver spoon on their mouth, while the others on the opposite.
Some may born literally poor but richly blessed in the end because of hard work & determination to escape in the quicksand of poverty. As we journey through life, we'll probably notice that things begin to change little by little. We get more responsibilites & faced challenges. Its like playing cards, which tricky games involved just to get win, or we use mathematical methods to get the winning pair. If you play your cards rightly, in the end, lossing is far from your hands.
Our future is a game that must be played with winning strokes to assure us of victory. As we are coming of age each day, it is these years of our lives that we attempt to build a world of our own without any assistance given by our parents in order for us to walk independently.
Life is full of frustrations while you continue to walk in this lonely life....what we are going to do is enjoy what life has to offer, or else we won't be able to do it again when we started to fade slowly..that word's of goodbye is highly pronounced.

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