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(As jobless for three months) Other activities that made me busy (aside my applying for abroad online) is watching movies at my friend's notebook.I couldn't have this life of viewing significant movies I have known,without Jack's (my close friend) kindness of sharing what he has collected. Well, his liking of movies reflects of what he is and his perception towards life & so am I too.
Eventually, we both have the same interest in terms of choosing movies to least some, though.That way, it helps us to widen our views based on what we saw practically by apply them both ways politically & religiously.Embracing the philosophy of communism isn't bad as long as you practice it, in line literally to its tenets. To be treated equally is what our planet's needs to have, from the oppressor who selfishly gain for their own benefits. I like what Karl Marx was trying to prove to the world just to give what is fairly deserving to us poor. Distributions of wealth fairly enough to meet the needs of the needy.
My Social Philosophy and Literary Interpretations subjects helped me to open the reality of what Communism do to the world as it is suffering from the greediness of opportunistic politicians and the church who just interfere for their ownsake.
Watching these two movies enhance my insufficient ideas about equality under the tenets of communism.
Not just because I agreed and embrace communism,I'll hold guns and revolts just as our revolutionists did....I wont do that.

I watched this movie twice because of the implications that influences my belief as a person.According to the review of this film," Its about two lives running parallel for a while with common aspirations and similar dreams ". Its a life changing journey of Ernesto Guevara known to be Che Guevara. Before the world knew his name, he was a simple volunteer medical practitioner that started as one journey that defined his life.On his journey with his friend, he saw the changes how Latin America was being separated by boundaries yet connected in just one continent. Che's views in life changed upon his journey that embraced him to Marxism philosophy that made him to be world's great revolutionist. On the road of his travel, he witness how the poor being mistreated and separated from the well-off community. He saw Latin America filled with injustice influenced by the westerners.Che recorded every details of his long travel contrived to what his eyes visibly seen. His feelings became worn out more of condition when he finally boarded to a ship headed to San Pablo Peru, as the pitiable passengers embarked to a small boat being pulled by the ship he boarded separated to the affluent passengers ship. The provincialism & segregation of the proletariat to the bourgeois, gave so much trouble to Che that annoyed him to revolt against imperialism.

Defiance movie is another holocaust story based in real life during Nazi's occupation half of Europe. It was led by two Jew brothers who were determined to lead thousands of refugees to fight against the Nazi and escaped them in the middle of the forest till the war was over.The two Bielski Brothers weren't recognized much globally of the bravery they had till this movie was shown. I have been fascinated of reading and watching about Holocaust since I started to own a novel Anne Frank diary.It gives me views how Jews suffered under the cruelly hands of Hitler mercilessly.My perception becomes maturely deep seeing this happenings in the past without any consideration at once.
Hitler was considered as the notorious killer of all times because of his theory that Europe will govern with one blood but German.I collected some of holocaust movies and even documentaries that would help me to open more of eyes about the past historically.

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