By Eric - 11:21 PM

It took me a while to update my blog..honestly,I'm so much affected of this global crisis sucks.Just this morning,a certain news broke me into silence while listening to an FM radio station when they announced the sudden death of Michael Jackson known to be the King of Pop.
I really have to say this,though it may sounds me annoying or corny but I am affected its because I grew up on his songs.Its like loosing a friend when you are used to see and hear his musics being played around on the air.
The moves,the songs, the voice, the screaming of the crowd when he is singing on stage is not easy to forget.The music industry is loosing one of the best icons in the world.It was really shocking when I heard it, its like I can't simply believe my eyes that one certain favorite is dead.
Among the songs that I simply played on my MP3 is "One Day In Your Life", "Happy",& "Music".

Really, I can't believe his death is so soon...according to Chuckie Dreyfus one of the famous child actors during his time : "Like a comet... blazing across the evening sky... Gone too soon..." God be with you, MJ. Rest in peace"
To be exact, we are loosing the best performer in the world and his memory lives on forever...I really adore and loves his songs.Michael Jackson would always be Michael Jackson.
Here are some of the videos that I love to view every now and then.

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