By Eric - 10:24 PM

When you are deeply drowned with an onerous problems in life, it is really so hard to maintain a realistic faith in a real world today. A real world with not much hope but frustration. I rushly cut my vacation early this May believing that a sure job awaits me when I get back to Cavite from Olongapo.Surprisingly as it was, my notion collapsed as if an avalanche of melting ice covered me all over.
Admittedly, I sighed sadly with so much pain in my heart which immediately I prayed hard to the Lord to comfort me.My desire accompanied by expectation,slowly to vanish on a thin air, that a manifolds of wrinkles visibly shown on my face.
Fighting against the most impossible odds, rejoicing is hard to describe just as increasing a realistic faith.Sometimes you feel that the world is no longer revolving around you and time stops to rotates, as if you are in the bridge over troubled water and life is seemingly low that almost touching the ground filthy covered with dust just seeing yourself in the middle of a barren land which nobody can call you but yourself.Could you possibly lift your spirit and enhance your faith? Though, I'm half-miserable and gloomy today my faith to the Lord is still foldly intact.
Honestly, my heart is filled with envy seeing my friends and acquaintances who are luckily made thier lives abroad. I always thought to myself, Why can't I go abroad? Why God is so kind enough to open doors to other people, yet, selfishly neglect me? How long would I dream & anticipate that things would rightly fall in place for me? Do you think it'll happen? Sabi nila, habang may buhay may pag-asa, daw! it has been a favorite quotes to those who are weakly hopeless just to enliven the spirit hopes up.
Mind you people, I'm getting on in years now & still finding that job that'd help me to establish my own family & build my dreams somehow for my kids.
But God is always in control, His mighty plan is mysteriously hidden to us mankind,lets just anticipate that everything will be concealed in His perfect time.

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