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Jesus and Alexander died at 33.
One lived and died for seld; one died for you and me.
The Greek died on a throne; the Jew died on a cross.
One's life a triumph seemed; the other but a loss.
One's led vast armies forth; the other walked alone.
One shed a whole world's blood; the other gave His own.
One won the world in life and lost it all in death;
the other lost His life to win the whole world's faith.
Jesus and Alexander died at 33.
The Greek made all men slaves; the Jew made all men free.
One built a throne on blood; the other built on love.
The one was born of earth; the other from above.
The one won all this earth, to lose all earth and heaven.
The other gave up all, that all to Him be given.
The Greek forever died; the Jew forever lives.
He loses all who gets; he wins all things who gives.
-Charles Ross Wedge-

I'm back from such a couple of days in silence...miss blogging and updating. Usually when I blog, I don't just post them here directly without checking and writing them in a piece of paper and check the necessary errors like spelling, grammar and of course digging out my serious ideas with the help of my dictionary using a little hard of vocabularies, before scribbling them here in my personal blog.
These past weeks up to now, have been so painful and excruciating hot weeks. Jobless, penniless, boring life, frustrations and disappoinments keeps on confronting me.
Resulting to this adversaries, I really don't know what to do and where to go. I left for Olongapo the second week of March just to accompany my cousin picking up her estrange bf from Japan.
My stayed there was good since I got the chance to see my classmates back in High School. We discussed about the possible initial reunion of our class. I never been home for 3 years so I seized the opportunities I had to roam around the city.
Familiar landmarks are still there stood in remembrance of the good old Olongapo heydays. When I got back from Olongapo, bundle of problems scattered away. Boy, life is getting harder everyday so as my world is getting smaller in Cavite.
Avoiding the hot boring summer, I stayed at my co-teachers place watching movies as I needed, you heard that, as much as I want too.
As a movie geek, I sorted them and balancing what movie should I consider to be favorite aside from movies in the 80's.
Among the films I had watched this summer was, "August Rush" captures the moment of my life. Watching it truly moves my heart and bring so much wet of tears in my eyes but I decided to control them so as my co-teachers won't laugh at me.
Gee, love the movie so much, good thing that my co-teachers has a taste on selecting movies that has quality....listen, quality.
So much more, I found this message from a certain devotional while I was browsing the book to pass the time....this Contrasted Lives captured my emotion pondering deeply how God gave His son for us sakes....are we making our lives accorind to His will? its a question that needs an answer right?

Well, here are the movies that erases the boredom I had this week.

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