By Eric - 7:29 PM

Never Stop Believing
There's always the promise of a new day.
There's always something to come home to.
There's always a star much brighter than the darkest night.
There's always a moment when the impossible becomes probable.

All because you believe. Together we can move mountains.
(source: AYALA Corp.)

As usual, life has been so monotonous these times....nothing much newsworthy and no challenges. I just stay home watch movies with friends(thanks to Jacks and Michael for allowing to watch movies at their home)
I got this short poem from a news paper and it was a message from AYALA group...I like how the message goes as it is trying to explain of reaching your dreams without stopping of believing that you can possibly go beyond what you desire for.
Hopelessly as I am, that poem encourages me to stay tune no matter how vague and unclear life is....from now on I won't stop believing.
These were the movies I had watched like them while you are passing the boring time.

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