By Eric - 7:15 PM

I didn't have much to do since by the midst of February.Winter break has over for the Koreans so they need to go back to Korea for schooling.
This summer down to August is a minimal number of students. Working as a private tutor since 2006 has been my bread and butter for survival. It has been my security blanket throughout the tough times. Well, at least I need to thank God for the tutorial job he has given me so as I have something to grab on when financial crisis takes in (at least).
Since I only have oner student left (I'm idle from the morning till in the afternoon as my tutorial scheduled in the evening..I need to activate my adrenaline this time) watching movies throughout the entire 8 hours is my escapade from boredom.
As a movie buff, watching movies is a form of remedy for me, it heals the loneliness when boredom comes along.
Among the movies that I had just watched these weeks were the following:

Just watch these movies...I am recommended them all, you'll learn something and you'll surely laugh. Sometimes life is so boring so go on and watch your fave movies at home.

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