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Water runs deep and strong in the Pagsanjan River. It is benevolent at times but can rage in fury when the rains come to prod a white-water mass racing downstream.Many adventures have been born in this river. To thrill and beguile.

Actually, the real name of the majestic waterfalls is "Magdapio Falls" located at the next town, Cavinti. However, the falls has been popularly known as "Pagsanjan Falls" because the trip to the waterfalls, reffered to as "shooting the rapids", starts in Pagsanjan, passes through part of Lumban, then Cavinti.
On the way to the magnificent waterfalls, one may feel the relaxing atmosphere and beauty brought by the experience of harmony with nature. While entering the tropical gorge, one will see wild orchids, ferns, vines, spiders, dragonflies, lizards on the rocks, chattering monkeys and the beautiful sun rays passing through the trees, touching peaceful water and high above are the multi-colored birds flirting in te bushes.

In recent years Pagsanjan has become the premier tourist spot of the Philippines. More than 500 tourists from all parts of the world daily visit the town, from Monday through Sunday. These tourists are ferried to the enchanting Pagsanjan falls in native bancas paddled by expert boatmen. They all experience a thrilling memory of adventure, seldom surpassed in their lifetime. As Dr. Marguerite J. Fisher, American lady professor and globe-trotter, said: "I just love Pagsanjan, with its picturesque waterfalls and rapids. I've been there thrice and I've shot the rapids a number of times."

My first visit at Pagsanjan falls was truly a dream come true...I never expect that I would have gotten the chance to see it personally..since I only heard it and see it in magazine and being discussed at school.
Now, it's has been my second visit and I was with my korean students....indeed Pagsanjan falls is a world class to visit.
I am practically proud that we have Pagsanjan falls which is known abroad and draws a lot of foreign tourists.After an hour of paddling upstream,the difficulty of the boatmen to drag the boat up on the rocks across the rapid waters with us three passengers on board, the roaring echoes of the falling waters,which the water cascades down to a high cliff rock was clearly and makes our excitement to go on over fastly.A little farther was the breathtaking falls that made my students an awe the pride of the Philippines.
I posted some pics in here with the hope you can appreciate,though it's not that clear.
All the pics here were just taken from my iPhone camera.....anyhow it looks good too.

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