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Mrs. White has stated that prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend.Prayer connects us to the infinite where comes our hope for a future that promises more than what the present offers.Prayer is our link to the unknown future where flows in unceasing strain our faith to the God who will never disaapoint nor leave us.
Jesus himself showed us that prayer is an important part of life.Many were the times in His earthly sojourn that he used prayer as a means to determine His Father's will.Prayer set the course of His life.Prayer accosted his ministry and brought peace to His agonizing soul when he was about to die on the cross.And by prayer, Jesus fully realized the mission He set out to do.We live in a world that is getting more cruel and hopeless each day.The enemy of our soul lurks within and without waiting to pounce on us during our moments of is a gracious and loving God who has given us prayer power.
How much of that power are we using?

(Column by Prof.Olive Tolentino of AUP)

The best advice I ever got from my parents was to be a good prayerful.In this time of distressed and lowest part of my life..prayer becomes the propeller of my life that I used to eliminate downfalls and loneliness caused by problems.
The incredible power of prayer has done a lot of miracles that sometimes I can't open my eyes to believe.
It flunks the unusual test of time...that gives me confidence to face the world with courage.
Rejections from abroad truly hit me in pieces that I couldn't stand to gaze the hope of a new day.I have become prayerful and clinging to God's promises that He certainly not forsaken me specially in this gloomy time of my life.
The Lord knows the pleading of my heart that I really wanted to work abroad not just for financial purposes but to see the world as it is,how wonderfully He had made this planet for us.
Of course the financial stability by working abroad has been a primary reason but behind on it is I didn't want to die without experiencing life beyond the island.God had stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the seas hushed...the more He can do better for us.

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