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If God should choose the work He has for me, I'm sure I shall not fail at what I do.His choice may lead through ways I cannot see
At present; yet His way I would pursue.
The world may beckon-dazzle-even call for talent which my God to me has given; But if I follow Christ,I must give all and trust that through my work I'm nearer heaven.
Could I but see beyond this present life, The end from the beginning well discern, I'm sure I'd live above this worldly strife, And God would teach me lessons I should learn.
If God should choose the work He has for me, I'm sure it would tell for all eternity!

(by: Wilma Ross Westphal)

I almost forgot to update my blog because of the busyness I got from these previous 4 busy months.
Honestly,months had passed still I haven't visited the tranquility of good nightly sleeping.Among the worst things that I hate myself is that I can't sleep properly.Sleep disorder has been a problem for me since I reached 24 (years old).
So many things have been flickering in my mind,and was trying to get it out and keep my mind to listen to the stillness of the night.Letting my soul to experience peacefulness.
Aside from the enjoying yet,exhausting job...one small thing but a big to grapple with is thinking profoundly about the stable job that I wish to have for.
This seriously bothering me ever since,sadly to say working in this country is just a speck of temporal job that refused to give you a career that somehow brings you to a laid back life oftenly.
The salary that I received each payday was just enough for survival and that keeps me shielding against the pangs of poverty.
Nevertheless,I have learned and reminded everything that has gone wasted in my life,that there is Somebody up there awaiting for my call whenever I need Him.
Thanks to my parents who had taught me to be a frequent church goer,in there you'll be advised and recharged spiritually.
Searching a job is no longer an issue nor a big thing to bother,I allow God to work for it for me.Allowing Him to find the exact job for me is somewhat consulting my earthly father the best that I truly deserves.
Despite of the great challenges I have encountered in life...in this country...I boldly believe that He has prepared a career for me.Tearfully to remember,I have been rejected a hundred times....I tried to apply abroad with the hope my luck is at the other side of this world but because I am a Filipino,racial discrimination is still rampant even among Asian neighbors.
This is the kind of planet we are practically living...if there is something that I could do and perform magic...I barely to sing the song of Eric Clapton " Change the World".

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