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Life is like a pendulum-that swings freely from a fixed point.As we are enjoying the see-saw of life unknowingly, we never perceive the fast track of time just as if it is the normal season of the old contemporaneous.
Although time flies in a conjugated season,yet, we slowly notice the changes in us physically.This month is a dual celebration for me-celebrating the month of Love and of course my Birthday.


Half of the struggle of my life is a pure inspiration I got from my parents.The other half lies with the art of faith and believing to the Supreme Being.
This has been my second time or so,celebrating my natal day online.My blog and my personal website has been the aid to recollection of the past,just how I grapple the venomous fangs of life.
I celebrated my Birthday in solitude,taking myself somewhere else, where nobody could possibly notice me.Rewarding myself abundantly were the usual tradition I did for myself.
Dining in style,new iPhone cell phone,new clothes was the gift I bought to satisfy the lacking and deprivation materially.


This is how I tune up and tune in the fast pace of time,technologically.Honest to goodness,I'm getting on in years now and is still a Bachelor.However,this doesn't bother me much since I have my family,friends around me...keeping me afloat through the rock of ages.
Of course,a girlfriend who inspires me and keeping me in love always.

Valentines is a month of Love, and so I am extending my greetings to Everyone...............Enjoy the seasons of Love filled with happiness and peace..
Let me serenade you with one of my fave songs:

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