By Eric - 6:30 PM

Today is the 14th day of February, an anniversary of my birth.Today is a time for reckoning, a one moment in time that I am privileged to perform a notable occasion in life which is an eminent of Blessings and miracle given by God.
The harmonious chemistry of today is a point of reminiscing the wonders of wonder, why God created me and leads me to His path purposely.Evaluating the circumstances that happen a long my way and discerning how I went through the elongated distance,extended far into the future over a considerable time,aroused the desire of my soul to cry.
Greetings of varied kinds audibly on the air from friends and acquaintances (that)tickle my sensitive ears.Early morning,group of four young males serenaded me songs of inspiration that gives me a new vigor to youthfulness.The tranquility of my sleep was being disturbed by voices of hymns singing birthday songs.

I haven't been entertained with songs of compliment a decade ago.Words of appreciations was the volume of utterances I pronounced.The serenading was the hidden plan of my roommate connived by other three guys.
Greeting cards were among the gifts that I received this day, but what matters most is that my life is extended for another year,purposely.I thank God for this protract of life He has given me which another chapter of my life has done, and its time for me to start scribbling the introductory part of the chapter.

My only birthday wish is the stability in life,may it be in financial,job,health, and the important one is the spiritual.For yesterday was a dream, the future is but a vision,but what matters most then is today.

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