By Eric - 8:18 PM

Call me an ignoramus but being a civilized and a well-organized socially person, ignorancy can't be avoided sometimes when you are in a pleasing graceful and stylish place, for the first time.
It was my first time to dine or spent idle time in Starbucks.Sipping of hot chocolate was my first choice since I don't crave for coffee because of its strong content of caffeine. The reason I hate to spend moment at Starbucks aimlessly.
My Korean boss and my students had invited me to go along with them at Starbucks-Paseo Sta.Rosa to pass time.I can feel the cozy ambience and aroma of coffeee that had flourished throughout the place as I was checking the four corners of the room mimicking the movements of the classy people,pretending as if I knew everything, just to elude typically the possible embarrassment, bring about of my ignorancy.
The music that had been played,led my mind to flashback the the famous TV series "Friends".I'm not a frequent viewer of Friends but I got the chance to watch it once,yet, it never tempt my senses to be addicted of the show.
I practically love the chosen music they have had played,it divert my attention to somewhere else delightfully.Starbucks is a costly coffee shop which has the exhilaration of cheering influence.Beyond doubt, only the well-off individuals can bear the lavish costing money of coffee.
Imagine a small cup of worth of 100Php which a 100 could be a bunch of pack of coffee in the supermarket.
My 3 students had left for Korea and Starbucks had been their assignation since they arrived here. Honestly, I never dreamed of going there at all, not just I'm penniless neither a frugal but I can't afford to gamble my money just for the sake of 100Php small cup of coffee....Unless someone would invite me for a sip.

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