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"No amount of text message can equal one treasured moment of conversation between friends whose voices have been muted with decades,long silence and separation-Jose F. Sarzosa,Jr."
Thanks God,internet was invented so as we can search and trace long lost friends that we haven't met for ages.
It was 19 years had passed,signs of trail and shadow from high school friends,are still vaguely to locate.Many have changed physically,that hardly sometimes to recognize that once you familiarized.
With the help of Friendster site three of them have appeared to be permanently in contact.Two of them were obtaining their luck abroad and one another friend in high school,successfully enjoying his career in Olongapo.Facing back my high school days in the 80's is a good temporary medicine for a strong desire of longingness for friends back the good old high school days.
Whenever chances occured to me of going home in Olongapo, I always on the eavesdrop of sighting the possible class Reunion of my batch.Frustratingly,nobody from the batch officers has the concerned of establishing our own,but posters and streamers from the batch who are ahead of us in years,were the usual that you'll see hanging in the school.
A song of Sharon Cuneta "High School Days" truly reveals that high school days is hard to forget..High School friends assert positively my belief that friends give us inner strength and fortification of inspiration from day to day as we wrestle with life's painful realities.Internet helps a lot tracing the whereabout of missing friends,families and acquiantances.
Below are among the pictures of my classmates in high school,who appeared to be in contact with me.

This is Rodel Martinez,my classmate in 2nd year...who happened to be a close friend when we were high school.

Joel,my 4th year high school classmate..who is finding his economic goal in Dubai.

This is Ariel,a classmate in 4th year...who also finding his luck in Korea.

Rodney Alcantara..who's happily married and conquering Macau.

Jhun Trance,another classmate in 4th year...on his way up to Saudi.

The reason I posted this entry was that,the newly revived song of SpongeCola "San Na Nga Ba Ang Barkada" originally sang by Apo Hiking Society,always banging my ears and occasionally being played by my fave FM station.The message behind the song influenced my interest to write something about my high school friends/classmates who found their way in my Friendster account.
The feelings of missingness to see my high school classmates has ignited me to savor the heydays I had during high school days, though old days were faded by time yet rekindling the past won't be erased by distance.

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