By Eric - 1:24 AM

I had prospered (from)my acquaintance with my Korean students.Going out with them was a rare moments of privacy,in spite of the cultural differences,yet,we broke the ice.
My intentions of watching movie on weekends was my personal trait since I hadn't received much to recompense for myself,alone.
So,just a sort of rewarding myself and rejuvenating for awhile physically from such a bit tiring,yet hectic tutorials,I had thought of watching a movie scheduled for I Am Legend starred by Will Smith.
One student of mine voluntarily approached me if he could come with me,unhesitatingly I nodded yes,of course with the permission of his father.Notwithstanding,the rest of the students were tempted to come too.
My korean boss had just asked my approval if I could looked after of the 3 girls to join us watching the movie.
Needless to say,I was mightily happy being with them observing them as we were in the movie house at SM-Dasma.
I chose the English movie "I Am Legend" as way of exposing them to an English movie without any dictionary nor asking me or enterprating it.
The movie was indeed satisfying and technologically done well as it deserves to be praised.
I like the story thinking deeply,what if it really happens and the world might be inflected with virus that may cause man a blood suckers.Though at the ending part Will Smith died sacrificing his self for the sake of the world....it's really a legend to sacrifice something when you think not for yourself but for the humanity.
My students are leaving next week,I am less tight on my sked now, so I can freely go away anywhere.

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