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As one song goes, " Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year".It's the perfect time to bond with our family and friends, but celebrating it far from your family causing it to be a lonely and cold Christmas.
To be outdated with the news makes you disjointed the occurred events locally and globally.This is the disadvantage of having no TV and radio.I just found out earlier or so that JOllibee offered newspaper freely to every breakfast time with side orders apart from the Jolly Value Meal.
I got 3 bundles of Phil.Star collections from my frequent breakfast at Jollibee and planning of constituting a habit.My early tutorials at 7 in the morning induced my propensity to eat at Jollibee at 6 before I proceeded to my class.
Reading newspaper gives you a lot of ideas what to write and that's where I got this picture of what I'm going to post now.
Funfare column of Ricky Lo had featured a young Pinay singer Charice Pempengco who made wows to the Koreans with her belting voice in a korean tv show.I searched her name at Youtube immediately as she was truly performed well that filled the korean judges with bewilderment and sudden great wonder.

(Charice on her winning form at a Korean TV show)
a.("Check Youtube to see Charice performed at a certain Korean TV Show")
b.Click here to see Charice featured at Ellen DeGeneres Show
The young gal hails from Laguna and started to sing at early age of 4 which joined several singing contest.She got discovered by a researcher of Ellen DeGeneres and invited Charice to be her guest.
Philippine Star,Funfare (column of Ricky Lo) dated December 26,another Pinoy had made it international humbly started as a lead singer of a local band ZOO, has been chosen as lead vocalist of the 80's US band Journey.
Yes, you read it from here that the person Arnel Pineda caught the JOurney's attention via the Youtube singing Journey hits.

(here Arnel in the middle with the Journey members)
Journey was among my fave bands in the 80's with their famous hits; Ever Since the World Began; Faithfully; Open Arms; to name a few.
To my disbelief, I searched Arnel's name at Youtube which was I myself had astonished to believe how he gave justice and holds the songs with his voice by heart.Arnel was personally invited by Journey to audition for the band in San Francisco, but Arnel Pineda got the attention of the band because of the exact spot of notes that made Steve Perry famous.
The band which is said to have not fully recovered from the resignation of its vocalist Steve Perry in 1987, but returned for a short reunion in 1996, and then another vocalist who replaced Steve,Jeff Scott left the band only last June.
Auditioning for JOurney's openly unfold to full width not only in tv but online.Die hard fans of the band, aren't happy with the decision.Some have had unrefined comments offensively with a taste of straight racism evenly putting down Arnel.
"Journey is supposed to be an all American band & move to outsourcing the job cheaper Asian labor"
Despite of that unsophisticated criticism, Charice and Arnel makes me feel very proud.Good comments from other countries that have had seen the performance of our proud Pinoys on the popular video sharing YouTube, boast the morale of every Filipinos that we truly a world class performers.
Check Youtube how Arnel proved his worth to be the vocalist of Journey....

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