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Fashion defines as the prevailing style or mode,specially in dress.During the old times, fashion was purposely intended for women or ladies which they can freely expressed themselves what to wear according to the custom practice by the society.
They can style and put everything fashionably-head over heels, as long as they'll look unlike and differently above the rest.As time went by, man became educated and increase in knowledge, the outlook in life become profoundly broaden yet a bit stereotyped.The mode of dressing was gradually changing and even applies to men after all.
Men who dressed too much was considered "gay" during the old times, but today men are even competing with women to style.Guys who usually vain or conscious about thier looks are the common trendsetter that refused to stay outdoors unless they are able to fix themselves.Ladies practically attracted to men who knows how to carry themselves,neatly plainlooking.
Following the fad is also basing the personality...Choosing the colors and blending them is a factor of distinctively form of expression.I love to mix and match in a different angle, but it is also logically basis of the tone of your skin color.
I have list of guys whom I look up to when it comes to style and fondly mimicking them..regardless of the brand,I always find colors and style of their dresses from malls down to ukay-ukayan...


Utts is an MTV VJ, at his age right now(we're at the same age)he doesn't look old nor matured enough to be at his age..aside from that I like the way he balance his mode in dressing that made him look fresh and young...wish I could follow that and maintain the baby-look just as what he did.

2.David Beckham

Everyone recognized him..David is an epitome of a metamorphosis to every males who look up to him as a fashion icon...The world knows his style and expensive brands that describe his taste in fashion.He is one of the most photograph men of all and the branded man.

3.Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravits is among I adore most in terms of style..He never runs out of style and idea and plainly choose the best clothes that truly fits his taste.

4.Aaron Kwok

Among Asian men..Aaron Kwok is included in the list..I don't know him that much nor had the chance to watch his movie but pictures are enough to prove that he knows to the proper clothes to wear occasionally and privately...a very decent look and perfectly classy.

5.Tim Yap

At top five our very own Tim eventologist or event organizer who is considered a chameleon because of his different style and taste of dressing..everybody finds him annoying and even called him monicker..but for me he is a man of style and very creative of combining colors that made him totally a fashionista in the century...

6.Tyson Beckford

The last on my list was..Tyson Beckford..the former Calvin Klein undies model..this Black Model brought so much justice to those Black American who wish to enter the world of fashion..his style is very manly and expressively strong attractive.

Well, I have no other on the list aside this 6 persons...I am admiring these people how they updated themselves on fashion.I considerably myself a worst social climber but following their styles isn't a crime as long as you aren't out of the circulation enough that you won't be the cause of laughter.I really dream of becoming like them..just in mode of dressing only.
I don't follow the trend just to capture attention but to indulge and reward myself...having your favorites I think is not a crime but persons' you idolized of how the way they dressed.
Occasionally, dressing-up is important according to the juncture of events like going to church;I like how Aaron Kwok match his self to the classy type of clothing which is decent and formal.
Sometimes or most of the times,David Beckham the gazelle of elegance yet,retrospective that made him the sought image model of every commercials..
On parties,Tim Yap and VJ Utts are the icons that I worship to follow..I like their fresh looking and combining of different colors.
Tyson style is a perfect fit for everyday and usual days occasion with his country looking....Lenny Kravitz this black rock enroll singer is a mix and match of elegance yet,casual...its a paradigm for malling and dating in style..

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