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Let me filled my blog with life-longevity or long-term health benefits this time.Obviously, the previous entry I posted tackled relatively about vegetarianism.
I'm not only telling why I am seriously determined of advocating the eating of only vegetable foods,but promoting it at the same time.
We all want to live longer healthy, the longer we stay off to meats, the more health benefits our body will experience.
Act of observing was the first thing I did to a group of health-conscious people,they envisioned another source of protien out of animal ingredients is cheaper and healthful.Your ample budget won't be affected that much if vegetables is the first consumption to consume.

"As cost of meat and chicken increased and people got affected with cardiovascular diseases and cancer, Doctors and health conscious people saw the healthful, positive advantage of vegetarian foods.After all, the original diet God gave man never included flesh food."
(source:Country Vegefoods,Inc.)

The National Geographic magazine sometimes features the "Secrets of Long Life" by visiting those centenarians who are still living at the age beyond 100.
Some of them were from Japan,USA (an SDA),and Sardinia.If you wish them to read and watch the video, just visit the website of National Geographic online
Try to read what was the reaction of an Expedionist about these vegetarian people:
"World Renowned Expeditionist to Speak on Secrets of Long Life
The secrets to living a longer, healthier life will be in the spotlight when expeditionist Dan Buettner speaks at Science Night, an annual event hosted by the Cambridge Campus science faculty of Anoka-Ramsey Community College. The free event will be held in the Cambridge Campus Center Food Court on Tuesday, Feb. 7, beginning at 7 p.m.
A pioneer in both exploration and education, Buettner recently led expeditions to the world’s longevity hotspots, called “Blue Zones.” On assignment for National Geographic Magazine and in collaboration with the National Institute on Aging, Buettner used his travels to study diet and lifestyle and create a blueprint for living longer. His presentation will blend adventure, science and wisdom as he delivers secrets of longevity and ways to feel younger and reduce health care costs.
Buettner’s article on the secrets of longevity appeared in the November 2005 cover story of National Geographic.
Buettner, a resident of St. Paul, Minn., has previously logged thousands of miles on educational expeditions. In addition, he has created the innovative adventure learning program known as Quest Network. This online program has enabled online explorers to direct Buettner and a traveling team of experts as they unravel such mysteries as the collapse of the ancient Maya civilization and the fall of the Anasazi in North America. The Washington Post have called his quests “the most successful experiment in interactive education to date.”
An avid cyclist, Buettner has also set several Guinness World Records for long-distance cycling. Among his cycling accomplishments, he has led a team of cyclists on a 15,500-mile ride from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Tiera del Fuego, Argentina, as well as a 12,888-mile trek that went through the Soviet Union while it was still in existence."

Aside from extending our age beyond the cut-off of mans' life, the other secret is applying the NEWSTART.
NEWSTART stands for:
T-rust in the Lord

My church (SDA) is practicing this virtue in order to stay longer,healthy and prosperous.Why don't you try them at home...
Another Seventh Day Adventist,from Loma Linda California says:
"Tired of rushing in the mornings, mom Kim Rawson, at right, a Seventh-day Adventist in California, found a way to slow down the day for her family. When morning comes, they gather to pray, which studies indicate may help extend life. "Some days we just pray for the boys to get along," she says."



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