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Without a doubt, Christmas is probably one of the most celebrated holidays there is. Planning parties, decorating the house, making and wrapping presents, keeping secrets ...tis definitely "the season to be jolly!"
It is also the season of great anticipation and intoxicating expectation, of happiness and joy, of warmth and togetherness, of sharing and giving.
I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to "YOU," all my wonderful and special friends,fellow bloggers and passersby who have visited my blog pages throughout the year and have brought so much joy and warmth back to me with all your wonderful and thoughful messages.I really want you to know that I truly appreciate the difference you have all made in my life. Each and every one of you have been a true blessing bestowed upon me and I do love you all!
I wish for you, my dear friends, all the good things of the season to treasure and enjoy.I also wish for you the time to spend with those who mean the most to you, and wishing you many heartfelt memories to keep close to you when the season is past. But most of all, I wish you peace, joy, and happiness to warm your hearts, now and all through the coming year.
I have tried to include Christmas poem made by Penny Parker that will bring enjoyment for ALL.

I Said A Christmas Prayer For You

I said a Christmas Prayer for you
Because the season's near.
I didn't ask for riches
But for gifts so much more dear.


I asked for joyful gatherings
With your family all round,
And for carols to inspire you
With their old familiar sound.


I asked for quiet moments
In your heart on Christmas morn,
For a special time to celebrate
The Savior who was born.


I asked for friends to send their best
That you might know they care;
I asked for peace and love and hope,
And I know God heard my prayer.

~ Author Unknown ~

(source:Penny Parker)

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