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Christmas is the longest celebration of the year.It's the fave holiday of all and the most joyous one than birthdays.
Different decorations and lights colored everywhere..the luminous and vibrant colors combine brings the stillness of the night.Various songs of Christmas can be heard being played in the radio,which a lullaby to ears.
Giving gifts is the customary being practice by everyone.Wind blows touches with a sensation of cold; Christmas carols serenaded us a dampening of excitement as we gratify the yuletide season with whims.
Sumptuous foods in different array are highly pronounced,filling our gluttony with satisfaction.Exchanging cards among friends, lovers, and families symbolizes unity that Christmas is truly in our hearts.
Being away from family for 13 long years is a disheartening cold lonely Christmas.Blows of solitary clouded my heart of emotions that celebrating the holiday which abstractedly far from my parent is already such as occurs in the ordinary course of events,notwithstanding,still the essence of the season turns to be pensive with a sober reflection as melancholic tears fell down, at whatever time countenance of my parent's come into view.
Amusing myself is the remedy that comes to mind,rescuing the yearning wish of my heart squanderedly passing the time of wandering around as it slowly subsided.
My parents is the best propeller of inspirations why I forcibly surviving in this sphere against the collosal waves of hardship and mishaps in life.
Another reason for this Christmas is reuniting our relative from a great distance.Spending it with them this yuletide is a hope to meet.I'll be in Olongapo city my second home for Christmas,once more rekindling my childhood memories.
Passersby, fellow bloggers, friends and regular readers of my blog ...Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

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