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Philippine provides the best teachers in the world, the reasons Filipino teachers are in demand abroad.This has been the problems-the country is facing ever since.
The experts called the mass departure of Filipino Teachers "Brain Drain" which only not referred to medical term of brain problems.
My last year entry was also discussing about "The Brain Drain" which was debatedly tells the mass exodus of Filipino skilled professional workers.
The grass is greener at the other side that continually lure our Teachers.With a very high compensations, who wouldn't be tempted to leave as that our Government cannot afford to elevate the good offers abroad.Can we stop our teachers from leaving? If only our Government provides the exact needs of our educators,surely our skilled teachers won't tempt to depart.
Teaching is a noble profession,they are the ones who inspired the students to dream and achieved their goals in life.The teachers, are among of those mediocre job(as they said) who just receiving-not ample of salary but meager,may it be at Private school the least at Public school.
I never dreamed of becoming a teacher because there's no money in teaching,nor predicting myself as an educator and molding students.Contrariwise, I graduated as a Secondary Education major but having no choice but to teach.However, travelling abroad has been a top choice and teaching abroad would be the second option if given the chance.
When I read Philippine Daily Star (which I forgot the exact date)just to be updated of the current events globally, my instinct led me to the Editorial column to check the latest and hottest issue in the Government,usually among the unsolved crisis which is the influx of skilled Filipino teachers.
The column startled me to cause my curiosity of reading the article seriously.My heart was awfully distressed as my eyes sadly gazing at the picture inscribed of a crying teacher flying away from her students begging her to stop on leaving.If this dilemma would continue to happen uncontrollably what will happen to our young future leaders? Mostlikely, the mediocre teachers are the one who'll be left behind.
I know a certain two Math teachers who were being hired by the US government and they are currently enjoying their lives in Southern Carolina provided by car and house of the government.The salary they're earning is just an equivalent of a CEO wage..
Herewith, was an article:
Here we are facing a crisis in education, and nearly 200 teachers are leaving for high-paying jobs in the United States.A report said 198 Filipinos will soon be teaching in a county in Maryland,with starting salaries of up to $43,841 a year.There's no way the Philippine Government can match that salary, and teachers cannot be prevented from leaving for better livelihood opportunities.This doesn't make the exodus of teachers any less painful for the country.
Globalization has created a huge marketplace for certain skills, and people are moving around the world to take advantage of the job opportunities.The movement has created an imbalance in labor supply that favors affluent economies.Rich countries can hire all the foreign workers they need; developing countries are hard-pressed to replace the professionals and skilled workers who leave.
Conservative estimates place the number of Filipinos working overseas at eight million.That's a tenth of the entire population, and the number continues to grow.The annual multibillion-peso remittances are good for economic growth figures, helping keep the peso strong and reducing the country's debt burden.But the burden on many other aspects of national life is getting worse.
Experts have warned that low teaching salaries have resulted in a drastic drop in the number of Filipinos seeking careers in education.Those who do pursue careers as teachers are often in a hurry to find jobs overseas.Inevitably, the best teachers are the ones who get hired, leaving the less qualified to handle teaching jobs in the Philippines.
Most of the country's best teachers are in private schools that can afford to pay high salaries.This leave millions of students in public schools with teachers who lack the skills that are urgently needed to bridge a widening education divide between the rich and poor.
A program can be undertaken to develop a competent pool of teachers who can impart skills to colleagues across the country.This is not an impossible task and should not entail an enormous amount of investment.There are ways of enticing teachers to stay in their own land, or to at least set aside several years of their lives to serve their own people.It is good to know that Filipinos are finding high-paying jobs and better lives overseas.
It will be even better if Filipinos can be encouraged to remain in their own country and help make life better for their compatriots.

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