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At last,my Directed Teaching is almost over...but faces of my students that are frequently showing unaffected simplicity and lack of guile or worldly experience,that I usually see every now and then,wherever I go.
Does it sounds that I am missing them? Well, I do...I truly miss them..I just love staring at those conveyed countenance of "a teenager's naive ignorance of life".
Moreover,some of my students love me some aren't.that's okay....I can't definitely judge nor hold incriminations to them.
For almost two months of my temporal teaching in Sto. Domingo,I have come to realized that Teaching is eventually a chosen direction made by God for me.Pedagogy came out naturally as I recognized as an important profession.
Nonetheless,this is already a point of no turning back..because I am about to receive the academic degree which upon the completion's of my studies from the Autonomous University (do I sounds so mayabang?)
Modesty aside, the sweet smell of Teaching is when your students give you something that you never expect.I receive two Poems composed by my good students in II-A,despite of the grammar and spellings they are indeed good....I receive letters too from III-A.
I would like to post this Poem just as it is,created by my student:

"A Clown"
I can't show you who's the real me
'Coz my shadow of fear is eternity
I hide beyond happiness
But deep inside of me is sadness.

Rain washed away my tears
Sun rays cover my fears
I loved even my heart is wounded
I laughed even my life was haunted.

I was a clown with my costumes
A clown with my frustration
I was not me but a true actor
Who acts and makes life worth living for.....

This is the II-A's

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