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One of the latest movies right now,tells about Siquijor.This is the island where I was born..the province of my great mother.
I have not seen the movie but I used to see it in newspaper movie columns.As I was studying the picture of the's like proclaiming the island negatively about it's withcraft practices.
The face of a man in the movie poster,annoyingly speaks how spooky and dreadfully scary Siquijor is.
I think....its not what the picture should have to be about the island.....I've grown up in the island too but I have never seen nor encounter a medium nor witch or what? The said movie is not promoting the beauty of the island but selfishly destroying the image of Siquijor.
Honestly, I felt like insulted and belittle base on the poster made by the Producer.....Haven't they asked nor study how safe and peaceful place Siquijor is? It is honestly the best escapade place from the hustle bustle of the polluted suburbans....
I have this clippings taken from, about the complain of COng.Fua against the movie:

Will ‘Siquijor’ finally get to see the light?
By: Ricky T. Gallardo | The Manila Times
13 March 2007 | 12:53 PM

All is set for the nationwide screening of the controversial film Siquijor tomorrow, unless an unexpected last-minute hitch comes along. Already given a high B rating from the Cinema Evaluation Board, the film’s showing is highly anticipated by the country’s movie buffs not just because they want to see on screen what they’ve always been hearing about this mystic island but because it gathers what is possibly the best creative team and the most credible new generation of actors in the Philippines today.

The film has been in the can for several months now, its showing delayed several times because of a hundred and one glitches. The most controversial of which was the complaint filed by Governor Orlando B. Fua Sr. of Siquijor, with the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board, to restrain the exhibition of the movie Siquijor: Mystic Island because it allegedly paints a negative image of the province.

The people behind the movie have already formalized their reply and have sought the assistance of MTRCB Chairman Consolacion Laguardia. In response, Laguardia asked the producers to submit to MTRCB the answer print of Siquijor for review before it can act on the request. She also clarified that the board has no power to stop a film based on a party’s complaint and reiterated that the MTRCB merely classifies films according to age suitability. The film wsas given a PG-13 rating, without cuts.

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