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Let's go back to the time where my formative days was amusing.....hey I was the teen, youth of the 80's.That is what I prefer to be called. I have so many things to tell about 80's....either movies, songs, style, youth, school and etc....well no words to tell.
Up to now, I dreamt of coming back to the 80's..I want to go back the time where I had enough so much happiness.
Way back then, I had collection of fotos of my fave stars.....not just fotos or magazine but posters...giant posters of my fave Hollywood Actresses.How can I forget them...they are my lifetime crush....Just to mention their names: Brooke Shields known to be the Barbie Doll, Phoebe Cates as the sexy siren, Jaclyn Smith the x-factor and one of the original Charlies Angels, Linda Carter the former Miss World and Wonder Woman.
You bet..they got the looks and multi-talented as well...some of them aren't active in the biz right now but busy mothers (of their own). Here are the picz...judge them....

on her TV show Wonder Woman

Linda Carter

Pictorial in Charlies Angels TV show

Jaclyn Smith one of the original Charlies Angels

One of her movies...

Phoebe Cates

Brooke Shields at 40

In her younger days....strike a pose on Calvin Klien Jeans

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