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They said that teaching is a calling, highly noble profession and developing the children's mind to be great leaders.Well, at first it's not...but reality proved me wrong that it is...I saw myself enjoying and enjoying terrorizing the students... the young hungry vultures of knowledge..
Still questions pop out from my tactil nerves ( is the spelling right? dunno know)...is teaching for me? Do I sounds like a teacher? Am I touching their hearts?
Huh ! Do I have the choice?....am already here....enjoying my Directed Teaching at Sto. Domingo National High School.
At least, I am enjoying though I'm still reluctant of my chosen career (?) or let say chosen course....I dont want to complain at all....it's the Lord decision why He wants me to teach..maybe to discipline me, I guess (lang naman).
Lo and behold, words of adjective to modify myself...the real me...the real I...the real Eric...is an impatient, brutally frank, less evil-less good, narcissistic vulgar, showing signs of Adolf Hitler reincarnation, with a thick gullible skull and most of all a worst social climber of all marxist and species of monkeys este species of Homo Sapiens (pala).....
Do you think (any) students can afford to stay in the classroom with such abnormal,yet, romantic as I describe it...hehehehe...please do give me a favor !! for that. If Dr. Jose Rizal would just be alive today as in TODAY....I strongly believed that he gonna kill me at Bagumbayan or Luneta by now.....wow..sounds really classy and publicly worth dying....(am I getting crazy?)
On the contrary, amidst of that terroristic approach towards my students...they still love me after all...of course..and nothing but OF COURSE.....I love them.You know what, I began missing my students in Sto. Domingo....haaayyyy, what an indescribable feeling !!!
I shed river of tears many times because of my missingness to these future educators of ours and even asked God to touch their feelings and to remember me ,though we parted ways......I just prayed that they will grow intelligently with blue collars someday.

Entrance of Sto.Domingo National High School

Tinny my fellow Intern, My Critic teacher and I with my zebrans sleeve

II-B I ask forgiveness from the Lord for being so brutally narcissistic to this class....truly,they made me to realize thay they were crying and bleeding inside as I look at their innocent faces.Sounds of begging were playing repeatedly in my ears....at least, I can calmly sleep now at night.

III-B so passive, on this class but they are surviving..though !

II-C..forgive me Lord, but this section is a toxic..I dont feel anything.

II-A just doing their parts to impressed me..honestly, they are literally good....and competitive.

III-A portraying Anne Frank..they experienced the unexpected embarrassment from me.Sorry guys...love you after all.

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