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Was spending on my bed for two weeks and now I'm recuperating and trying to regain strenght from such an unexplainable Winter depression, that took me a while to update my blog. The previous entry of my blog was, I made a brief interview of James Betia the author of travel blog "Journeying James" about his passion on backpacking.
As a regular member of Couch Surfing and made some friends whom I just met during the CS meeting here in Warsaw and in Malaysia, I also thought of why not asking my CS friends about their love on backpacking and how they got started.
I selected a few who have gone longer on backpacking, so here's the first couple that I'd love to feature first.

Dianne and her husband, on their travel.

1. How did your love for travelling start?

Went to Kenya as missionary and did not know we liked to travel until then

2. What’s the best travel experience that you’ve ever had?

there have been no bad trips all too good to chose one

3. What's the farthest place you have ever traveled?


4. Name the top 5 places both local & abroad that you like?

1. home
2. Sanibel Island
3. Germany
4. Kenya
5. the next place we go

5. If there's one tourist place in your country that you could recommend to a lone traveler where'd it be and why?

any quiet beach anywhere - because i love the beach

6. Something that you learned on your travelling?

it is a really big world out there and I will never see it all and everyone is so nice to meet and they have such wonderful stories to tell

7. Where’s your favourite place in this planet and why?

even though travel is the greatest thing home is best of all.

(I'd certainly agree with you, there's no place in this world called home,that's why its called Home Sweet Home.)

8. How long will you backpack?

till I run out of money!! already using the thing with wheels since can't carry a pack anymore

9. If you could treat yourself in style by traveling, which country you wish to see & why?

around the world!!!

10. What Not to bring (on)backpacking?

to much stuff - too much stuff - too much stuff
every time we travel we carry less and less.

Well, I am looking forward of traveling this godly couple one day soon. Traveling with the same interest so as you go in the church would be fun I guess.

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