By Eric - 6:06 AM

Came across to a blogsite which I'd say another fave site to hang out to. Love visiting blogs that are filled with style and color. Found this blogsite while I was checking and updating myself on lookbook for a possible style that I could practically copy for a newlook and new atmosphere.
Among the Lookbook stylish that posted their own sense of style, Tobias simplicity tempted my eyes with a bright combination of his taste in selecting colored clothes. Well, I checked his profile at lookbook and found some of his fad collections.
His blogsite is filled of his pictures, showing the natural color brought with simplicity, that happens to be my style as well.
Herewith are among of his pictures that I grabbed, of course, I left a message of permission at his blog with the hope he reads it and allowing me to post his pictures here. Moreover,just as an adage goes: "Simplicity is Beauty".

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