By Eric - 12:24 AM

I thought teaching abroad was easy as I expected. And I thought working abroad was normally easy as I expected too. Now my realizations proved me wrong.
Because of that, I am completely aware now of the severity life of an Overseas Contract Worker. As I always pronouncing it here in my blog, teaching in Thailand wasn't a dream come true nor a desire. However, it's a good starting point & training ground for a newbies like me while venturing myself of & for applying to another countries.
Last term (November 2009-March 2010) was mild and tolerant if I'd compare it this term. The situations's mixed up just as handling the lower levels weren't a sort of things to look forward to. If teaching the higher levels were pressured, the more stressful it becomes to teach the lower ones.
At the end of the day, I am really beat and lacking strenght to go on. My head's aching, my face is haggard & my vision is becoming hazy. Now as I may say it, reality bites.
My moods becoming hard and touchy, the worst would be the tendency of getting rough physically. I am struggling so much to hold back my temper and set the atmosphere into a haven of zest & environment that is conducived for learning. Back to the christian education principle I've had learned in school, the teacher must be the reflection of Christ's image, & I failed in that area. I really felt so sorry about the harshed reaction I made to my students and I think I am already losing my magic.
Well, that's teacher's life..from now on, I'll start the day with a big smile and totally forgetting the worse incidents as if nothing happens.
I know it isn't too late to make-up my mistakes and renew my teaching.

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