By Eric - 2:56 AM

It lessen the difficulty of life when you are at home, though Cavite has been a home for me since 1996 still there's no place like to be in Olongapo.
"Home is where your heart is" - that's an old adage declares the truth never changes. When I'm home, I always have the reason to recall my youthful innocence days. Landmarks that are left reminds me about what is being forgotten. It helps to reduce the occurrence that causes sadness or missingness of puerility.
Admittedly, uprooting a nostalgia clears the oblivion of the past. The road to every memories is faded by endurance of time, but no matter how vague it was the trails of contemporaneous reflecting the old photographs of what is on the past. You bury them in oblivion but it will resuscitate continuously.
You can't escape the gayety of your teeny booper days when it specially gives you the shower of happiness.
Every drop of it satisfies the unsatisfying content of my longings. Recollecting the pictures of the good old days is my only simple joys that needs to be fed by counting every smiles and laughter I had made back in the past.That's exactly the fragrance of memory.
I really love doing it because you can't see it at all, for tomorrow is another day, unless you'll look back.

Olongapo market way back in the 80's.

Magsaysay ave. way back then

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