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"In life, you may feel tired of fighting for the same reason everyday. You may feel that everyone is moving so fast leaving you far behind and you may feel that there's no point of moving on.There's no certainty in life.
It's not how fast you get there, it's on how you played the game. Put in mind that at times, it's better to be like a turtle who patiently moves and enjoys every step of the way rather than a rabbit who runs so fast and misses every simple detail of life."

This was the text message I received from a friend. I saved it because the message reflects how I went through everyday. Concerning of my age, I always complains, whinning here and there forgetting to appreciate the little things that God has given me.
I guess my angst in life since then is resulting to failures in life which I can't hardly to accept. Honestly, acceptance is the hardest part specially if it tells about your wishes, & ambitions in life.Time fly so fast so as our age fades just as the leaves that nowhere to go.
I didn't know that my angst becomes a habit when you allow it to grow in your heart,knowing that it goes with you every where you go.Because of my recent malady situation financially,my mind would always entertain & filled with complains and anger, worrying about tomorrow about my future, losing the hope of trusting the Lord fully.
However, I thank God for friends nearby and abroad for the kind prayers and words of endearment that continue to enliven my dying spirit. Tendency of worrying is the food that usually I feed on my mind,that I need to rush things because of my age that I might not have ended to work at all or marrying someone.Or losing to grab the best job that I wish to have eternally, or worrying that I am already losing my track and left behind with my friends and collegue.
Human as I am, that is one of my weaknesses in life...a worry-wart individual..when I received that text,just finding out that at times we need to slow down in order for us to appreciate and understand more the meanings of life..isn't it wonderful? is it?
Last week, I went home to Olongapo with so much pain in heart but happy as well knowing that I'll be seeing home for this year.
Meeting with my classmates and batchmates back in High School were among the people whom I'd met with a little boys thing happiness, which gave me a head ache because of the mixed drinks we had just drunk.
Anyway,I enjoyed that night being with them and hopefully meeting with them again sometimes soon.

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