By Eric - 5:39 AM

What a long absent..such a long blog absent.I never forget blogging but then my life has been guarded with four walls.I have no qualms and angst at all, but a clear and peaceful mind.Huh! this is a long vacation I got for this year.
My long vacation is unexpected because of this world economic melt down.I am affected, the world is much affected too.
I didn't expect that I could have been an idle for this long..3 months straight jobless.I was at loss, stressing my mind physically with this crisis thing.However,God has given me a wide understanding about the casualty that is happening around that would surely inflict my spiritual.
Worries and complains has no rooms in my heart this time..not really this time, but minimally controlled emotions.At times, worries had tempted me to voice out my outburst emotions crazily, nevertheless God is wholly controlling it.

"Have you ever walked alone at night
Like a man against the world
No one takes your side
A boat against the tide
When your faith is shaken you start to break
And you heart cant find the words
Tossed upon the sand"

This passage is taken from the song of Survivor, "Man Against the World".I am completely against the world right now...I believed I really am. I have walked alone in the dark with so much fear and goosebumps about the creepy and scary shadows that following me .My faith has been shaken ever since I started to be seriously focused on my spiritual but done it already & allowed God to be in charge of me.When you are involved in missionary works its like in a rock the boat.Everything is getting down sadly the financial part,And you heart cant find the words,Tossed upon the sand. Painfully as it is, bravery is the word that I thought of to apply or else..I'll be lost in the battles of life.

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